Lago Air Sofa

Designer: Daniel Lago
Origin: Italy

Winner of the Good Design Award 2010
Patented product for living and design environments

The padded Air system revolutionizes the concept of sofa that becomes modular and convertible .

The back of the sofa and the seat cushions are completely interchangeable . In this way the sofa can be reconfigured in time according to the requirements and the mood.

A single sofa , decomposed and reconfigured can be transformed into three armchairs or two sofas , depending on how the frames are assembled, the seats, the backrests / armrests.

It is a revolution in spatial and aesthetic terms , but also ergonomic : everyone can choose the depth of the seat  and the backrest height that most comply.

The glass legs contribute to making the upholstery extremely plane, giving further lightness to the environment in which it is placed.

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Daniel Lago

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